Gallery: Trial Run in my Motorhome

At last I’ve found the motorhome I’ve been looking for, thanks to the mechanic Jason,”its just what you’re looking for” and it was. Everything I’d asked for. So its been a hectic few weeks. My brother came up from Merimbula and we had to pick it up and to get it into the carport, I reluctantly had to remove a few trees. Then we took it on a Trial Run through Woodenbong, across the border into New South Wales at Bonalbo where we filled up with gas and on to Tenterfield, then north to Stanthorpe and Warwick and back home via Cunningham’s Gap. Two motorhomes travelling in convoy. We stopped for lunch at Crooked Creek and found a campfire still burning and decided to stay as the rain was setting in.

At Tenterfield we found a tribute to Peter Allan, his grandfather’s saddlery, theme of the song: Tenterfield Saddlery, which he made famous. We had lunch in the old pub in Stanthorpe, got some more essentials for the motorhome and on our way to Warwick. We stayed at Lesley Dam out of Warwick, a lovely spot on the edge of a lake at Washpool and watched the sunset. It just got better and better and I can’t wait to get going again.

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  1. Trial Run in my Motorhome – christinedeacon2

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