Highlights of my Forster trip

I really want this to be a photo essay on my trip to Forster where I met my brother Geof and his partner Barbara. It was a trial run for my planned Camino trip to France. I worked out a few things like to wear slip-on shoes as I have to go through a pat down and take my shoes off and put them through the luggage scanner. It was a fairly short flight and Geof met me in Port Macquarie. He took me all over including the Green Cathedral on the lake edge and around Wallis Island by boat. I met some people who lived across the road from me previously in Sydney, I went to the movies and had a great time.

Green Cathedral
The name Tiona is a Tahitian word that is equivalent to the biblical `Zion’ an ideal place where people are of one heart and one mind and dwell in virtue and harmony with one another. The church’s first spiritual retreat was held in Tiona on the edge of Wallis Lake in 1923. The Green Cathedral came from a vision of a missionary as a place for people to worship, knowing people often encounter the Divine in the presence of nature. The Green Cathedral was dedicated as a place of private devotion and public devotion in 1940.
This beautiful open air santuary is used regularly for, marriages, blessing of children, baptism by immersion in Wallis Lake, funerals and memorials. There are services every Sunday at 10 am. The Green Cathedral is run by Green Cathedral Ministries part of the Community of Christ

2 thoughts on “Highlights of my Forster trip

  1. http://youtu.be/U2AVT2tF1uQHighlights of my Forster trip – christinedeacon2

  2. Highlights of my Forster trip – christinedeacon2

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