Camino 2

After a period of investigation, my plans have altered. I am not to do the Camino with any intention of working with someone else. This is a spontaneous journey going where I am drawn to go as I have done previously on my travels.

I believe the initiations, the insights, the visions and past life recall are on the land and it is by meditating either by walking or by sleeping, I will tune into what I need to do. Hence I am going through others experiences to give me some idea of where I need to go.

So to start at the beginning of the French Camino in St Jean de Puy where Sharon has photographed the leylines visible in the town. The first section is uphill and fairly difficult so I will not walk this, but move on to Roncevalles. At Najera is Santa Maria Monastery. There is a cave where King Don García Sánchez III, found a mysterious image of the Virgin Mary.The Story goes he was out hunting on the banks of the Rio Najerilla when his hawk went into a cave and the King followed. He was astonished to see the Virgin Mary and the hawk and the partridge sitting peacefully side by side. Later the King and his wife Queen Estefania de Foix built the monastery to honour the Virgin Mary and it became an important burial place for Spanish kings. Since I have already taped into a lifetime in ancient Spain, I feel this may be an important place to visit. (see my earlier blog Death and Resurrection.

Claude Tranchant in `Boots to Bliss’ felt inexplicably drawn there. ” Something very strange happened: it was as if I had been pushed towards the female tombs, of which one was Queen Estefania’s and I felt the need to stroke her hands. I could not control this impulse and tears rolled down my cheeks. I did not understand what was overpowering me. I stayed there quite a while, still stroking the hands on two of the female tombs and scrutinising their faces as if I wanted to imprint them on my memory. I was trying to understand all these emotions, which was quite out of the ordinary. I felt almost as though I was going mad, then I went inside the cave where I found athe 13th century carved statue of the Virgin Mary with Jesus on her lap, and prayed intensely. There was so much energy in this cave: It was incredible.’

At La Fuente del Piojo, after crossing the Rio Odrilla, she came across a chapel the Ermita de San Nicolas, founded in 1171 and had been a hospital. At the far end, was a chapel with its altar and some chairs placed in a half circle. It was a `hospitalieros’, run by Confraternita di San Jacopo di Compostella of Perugia in Italy. It has a kitchen and showers. It had a mystical feel.Juan was the young Spanish priest. There was washing of the feet, something which bring brings in Sananda’s energy which I have already experienced with the washing of the feet. She left two crosses there on the altar for her parents. I would like to go and stay there also. It is 8 kms from Burgos.

So next stop Bercianos del Real Camino.

If my resolve flags, Ive posted this couple walking the camino with their baby, my grand daughter’s age.
I found Claude saying she and others in sharing their camino had a rebirth, in a small chapel on 22nd June. Again I’m reminded of the importance of timing, which I’ve found to be critical on my other journeys in outback Australia.(see my book String of Pearls available FREE on my Facebook page

Next port Leon particularly the Gothic Santa Maria de Leon Church, also called the House of Light in reference to its stained glass windows and on the site of a Roman baths Claude stayed in a Benedictine monastery and the daily benediction and voices of the nuns would transform me and they did her.

After Leon the track divides and might be a suitable walk for me to tackle. Its Stage 22 on the French Camino. Leaving Fresno del Camino keep walking uphill and after about 2 kilometres the road descends into the village of Oncina de la Valdoncina. There are no services here other than a fountain where you can replenish your water supply.

At the end of the village veer right then left taking a track at a sign that says Chozas de Abajo 5km. Up here the area is as flat as a pancake, continue more or less forward until you reach Chozas de Abajo where you can get a meal at the bar as well as pitch your tent, if you have one, at the camping site. This gives me hope for my journey as camping along the way seems possible and a greater way to connect to the leyline.

Its nearby that the Silver Camino (the Via De La Plata) joins the track and this may be the Camino I traversed from Granada in a Past Life. I would expect more intuitive insights in this area. Astorga is the meeting point of the Camino from the south, so this is my next staging post.

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