Ascension – crystal grids

As the frequency on the planet continues to rise and people who are ascending continue to clear and lighten their frequencies, I believe that crystal grids will become an absolute necessity for maintaining emotional and physical comfort.

The reason is that when a planet ascends the original dimension from which it is ascending begins to feel heavier and more uncomfortable to those who are ascending. Crystal grids are the way that these people can maintain their emotional and physical balance and still spend time in the original dimension.

It is my understanding that for us on earth, becoming multidimensional means that we are able to operate simultaneously in 3D and the higher dimensions. In other words, our bodies can exist in a 3D frequency while our consciousness accesses all the higher dimensions. Crystal grids enable us to do just that. They provide a higher frequency for us to live within in our homes, one that helps us in our clearing and accessing higher levels of consciousness, and still allow us to experience 3D too. What a wonderful tool. Ask your guides to assist you in locating the appropriate crystals.

Some of these may be amethyst and rose quartz crystals too. I prefer to use quartz crystals in the Star of David formation with a key stone crystal suspended from the ceiling in the middle. So you need 6 quartz crystals, to place on the windowsills in a Star of David and a larger key crystal. Wash them in sea salt, the purest you can find and allow them to dry, preferably in the sun. Place them one at a time in your hands and telepathically send them your intentions. Remember your intentions are their instructions telling them what kind of energy wave to emit into the grid. Ask them where they would like to be placed and then allow them to guide you to that destination. You will know by feeling. They communicate telepathically and emotionally. You will know that you found the right place for them because it will feel really good to you.

I find it much more difficult to be around crowds of people such as you find at the shopping centre, on the beach or a movie theatre. If the crowds are agitated, it is even more difficult. I especially avoid shopping in the malls during the Christmas season for this reason. If the crowds are happy and peaceful, I find I am able to be around them for longer periods of time. But eventually, if I stay too long, I will become emotionally and physically drained and feel the need to drive to get back to my home as fast as possible. I like to remind others of the necessity of regularly cleansing the energy space we live in by smudging with a burning smudge stick or incense, or by using sound such as a Tibetan bell. This is basic spiritual house cleaning and goes a long way to keeping the energy levels high.

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