Biotesting Hair Profile

If  you have been following my Diabetes thread, you will see I’ve had a hair profile which revealed my exposure to radiation, probably while working in Kakadu. The profile is on the last blog. If  you want to determine if you have been exposed to radiation or find you health profile to determine allergies to wheat or other foods or to find what foods  or supplements can improve your health, you can have a hair profile done for around $120.

You then have the choice to have another one done after say 6 months on a health regime to improve your health. I’m currently taking The Marine Minerals with 74 Plant derived minerals a few drops in a glass of water. I have become a distributor for these products and will monitor the results later this year.I have been swimming regularly in sea water as I think this helps also

I’ve also been using Magna Clear concentrate which cleans water, in the bath to remove toxins. It oxygenates and mineralises the water and can remove impurities from even muddy water. The Black Mica and Magnetic Sulphate minerals attract contaminents and clump them into larger particles which become insoluable and visible, precipitating out.





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