My Christmas message

I’ve decided to do this as a blog ~ that way everyone gets to participate. Its hard to know where to begin. This has been a jam packed year. It started in January with a visit from the Tibetan monks on Tamborine. This event from ~one Mountain to another ~ was a feast of Tibetan culture and performance which went on for days with the creation of a sand mandala in the library, morning meditations, and activities during the day and culminated in a spectacular concert in the Zamia theatre. (see My blogs: Tibetan monks on Tamborine for more).

February saw me travel to Bundaberg to visit friends up there who were recovering from the floods in 2011. Much of East Bundaberg was flooded and by the time I got there, a lot had been accomplished, but there was still more to do. Bob and Judy kindly had me stay and took me to meet people who had been affected. I wrote about that too, in: Out of Destruction into the New Creation.

After a trip to Sydney for Mum’s 95th birthday in May, a lovely evening at my cousin Laurel and Greg’s place, I purchased two more Aboriginal paintings to add to my collection, I was inspired to write about the Aboriginal art I’ve collected over the years in Aboriginal Art Collection and Aboriginal Art Collection 2.

Koda started playing Rugby this winter, so I became a football fan  and attended home games nearby at Tamborine Sports Ground, and he got a trophy which he proudly displayed. Oarin has started University doing computer science and is doing well in Adelaide.

My next trip to Sydney in Oct was to go to my 50 year anniversary of leaving school,  which was both interesting and surprising. Firstly I was surprised how few went on to university. At that time, women did not have the opportunities they do today. For me that chance came later when  Gough Whitlam offered free university, but only a handful from my 1964 year had gone on to persue careers involving Higher Education.  I know I’ve changed a lot since then, but many others have also taken a sea change and moved to the country, a second surprise. The school has of course changed dramatically. Monte now has a fully fledged Olympic pool, the envy of all the students in earlier years. It also has links with Aboriginal women artists from Outback, something I’d have enjoyed, but I was among the first to study Science and went on to persue marine biology. One of the ex-students even found a picture of me in the Science lab which I didn’t recognize  as me, until others confirmed it.

While in Sydney I went on to visit Geof and Barbara at Merimbula. They had visited me on their trip around Australia  and Mum and I went down to visit them back at home.  On the way we met a mini cyclone, which dumped more rain on the South coast of New South Wales than they’d had in a long time and resulted in us being turned back at Ulladulla, and having to go back to Nowra and then inland via Canberra and Cooma and took an extra 24 hours. Mum coped with this  as an adventure which at 95 is pretty good going.

I got back to Tamborine in time to help Tamara move into her new home. Its an old Queenslander up on stilts. Meanwhile she’s been living in a mansion and keeping it ready for inspection as its up for sale. She’s moved into town and Koda will be able to walk to school when he goes into High School. Painting is finished and electrical work, so she’s hoping to be in by Christmas. I am very pleased she’s been able to secure her future in this way and feel confident  I made the right decisions earlier.

I started Aquarobics at Canungra Pool and I’m hoping this will take my sugar levels down. All round its been a busy year. My new writing career in blogging is giving me satisfaction and I’m hoping to take it to a new level in the New Year when I hope to have sponsorship of my site. There have been almost half a million visits to my site, many more than readers of my books and I’m not restricted by the publishers lists or sales projections, or the publishers going out of business.

So something exciting is projected for the Christmas period (Hint: Mt Shasta) – happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

from Christine Deacon

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