Messages from God


Gloria Wendroff of Heavenletters writes how easy it is to hear from God.

God said:

When you want to hear from Me, orally or written, sit down with Me as if knee to knee. You do not have to have a question to ask. Sometimes having to ask Me a question before you hear from Me can be a stumbling block for you, for My dear children want to think of a great question, a question worthy of God, or, rather, of your impression of God.

Of course, no question is too big or too small for Me. You don’t have to have a question. At the same time, you do want to hear from Me directly from My heart to yours. You do, don’t you? If you could but dare. It is not daring. It only seems daring to you.

If you are writing, simply write down:

God to [your name.] This little beginning shows your openness to hearing Me. It also makes clear Whom you desire to hear from. You let Me in by your easy-going intention to hear from Me.

Perhaps you want to close your eyes, put your right hand over your heart. Something will come. You are not looking for a spectacular Nobel Peace Prize message from Me. You simply want to come closer to Me. So, you write down the first thought that pops into your head. Gently accept that it is for you from Me. Just write it down whatever it is. Let it be what it is. Do not judge it. It’s okay if what you seem to hear is ordinary-seeming to you.

This gets you started. Then you let it roll. You have no idea where the first words that come to you will lead. You are listening for Me. I do not announce Myself in golden letters or in hip-slapping wisdom. You will hear simple words from Me. You just write. This is not what is called automatic writing. You are not writing idly. You are writing down what you hear, for you have set out to hear Me as I whisper to you so faintly, almost imperceptibly. My words do not reach you stamped and sealed.

It is always My desire to connect to you. Leave it to Me. Be easy with it. Nothing is at stake. You are doing a great thing in wanting to hear more from Me. You are not looking for anything but to hear from Me. Now your heart is opening.

Write as fast as you can, never minding spelling or punctuation or all these proper things you learned at school. You don’t have to have good penmanship. You do not have to write on the lines. You can turn your Godwriting notebook upside down or turn your notebook so you write across vertical lines. These things don’t matter. Your purpose is to get closer to Me. I always want to get closer to you.

Now you want to let go of all you have ever heard about Me. You are not going to predict what I say. You are simply writing down as fast as you can the thoughts that seem to come to your mind.

You come closer to Me by forgetting yourself. Never mind what you think of yourself or what you think the people you know think of you. Reaching Me is Our intimate Oneness holding forth.

Our communicating has not been activated in the past. The world did not think well of your hearing from Me. The world encouraged you NOT to hear from Me. Contrary to what the world might say, hearing from Me is Reality. The world also may have thought that hearing from Me might make you vainglorious, make you full of pride and glory or fantasy. The Truth is that hearing from Me humbles you.

Expect nothing and gain access to the One Who Is Always Speaking to you and Whom you may not have heard.

Remember, you are not trying to hear Me. You are not trying at all. You may have been trying all your life. The way to hear Me is easily without effort at all. If effort worked, you would have been hearing from Me all the time. Trying doesn’t work. Holding on tight doesn’t work. A sense of having to write a masterpiece does not work.

I look forward to your hearing Me for your Self.

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