Tamborine Tree Vandals 5 Reparation

 BEFORE - The row of Pine Trees and Eucalypts which have all gone BEFORE – The row of Pine Trees and Eucalypts which have all gone[/caption]

The mature pine trees (over 50 ft) will take a long time to replace. I have planted an endangered Daintree pine on my property. One neighbour has planted small trees and shrubs along the boundry and there’s still one mature pine still standing on council land, after my protest.

Estimates by Biometrica are: a one tonne tree sequests 3.67 tonnes of CO2, so in order to compensate for chopping down 6 mature pine trees as happened on Tamborine, there would need to be 20.02 tonnes of carbon credits payable.

They measured a mature sycamore which had a radius of stem at 1.3 m above ground of 26 cm and a height of stem 12 m. These were used to estimate the total biomass of the tree. The pine trees would have been bigger.

When will reparation happen?
It seems that council does not value mature trees.
The other neighbour has put up a wire fence and when I put screening bamboo up, cut down my screening because it was attached to their fence. Its supposed to be a boundry fence, but no, they claim its on their land. Such bully-boy tactics are apparently OK in Scenic Rim Council. They also have dumped Bobcat spoil on council land outside their boundry. Nothing has been done about that. The land is still bare red earth with some weed growth. That’s not reparation! Its vandalism!

Why is there no reparation? If you must cut down mature pine trees which are carbon removers from the atmosphere, why is their no compensation or reparation?

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