Crystals as well as being beautiful are frequency modulators. Their regular crystal patterning aids this function.

They can aid the ascension process by reprogramming human consciousness – by activating higher Light-codes within the human energy system. As the heavens are opened to increasingly higher quanta of light, the individual chooses how much light to include into consciousness. The ascension process is the quantum recrystalisation of every atom of matter and unit of consciousness on the earth plane to a Higher light dimensional level.

The aura of a more spiritually advanced person becomes brighter and more light filled reflecting the higher degrees of light being processed. This process continues to occur until the time of ascension when the body may be completely transmuted into the Light-body. The ability to create light from within the cells has been reported most famously in the transfiguration of Christ, but is also reported when someone is glowing with love, pregnancy or radiant good health.

As the omega point arrives, the earth body and the Light body align, the person ascends from the physical dimension into the higher Light realms, as a multidimensional Light body. The biochemical processes can rebuild the body, cell by cell over a three and a half day cycle compared to 7 years to replace the body cells.

The Star of David gridwork represents the interdimensional unification of the earthly body with the Light body. It is a versatile tool for reprograming, inter dimensional communication and healing. The central double terminated quartz crystal is placed in the ceiling and the other six at equidistance from the central crystal. Program them after clearing them, by stating your intention for them to act together as a Star of David grid.

The other crystals: amethyst can used to clear other crystals, rose quartz is love in action, selenite can be used to access past lives and future lives.

Baer, RN, Baer, VV. 1987, The Crystal Connection: A Guidebook for Personal and Planetary Ascension. Harper and Rowe, NY and Fitzhenry and Whiteside Ltd, Toronto

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Kakadu Dreaming
Kakadu Dreaming
By Christine A Deacon

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