Living your truth

The first thing is to speak your truth. Its not sufficient to say one thing and do another. You live by example. What you DO, is more important than what you say. Use affirmations to change your thoughts. This is the positive use of speech. If you say something that’s negative you can say: `Cancel, clear, delete!’ to ensure any previous negative affirmations won’t manifest and will be replaced by new radient intentions.

The second thing is what you support. You buy from companies that have environmental policies that match your concerns. You invest in companies that have awareness of environmental issues. Its called ethical investment.

The body is the barometer of the soul. The body is a reflection of the issues you are dealing with, your chronic health issues. Be aware of it. Nurture and sustain your body.

What is put into the body is what sustains it. The food you eat must be free of environmental toxins to thrive. Grow your own food, or buy organic. If you take caffeine, nicotine, sugar or other stimulants the angels can help to reduce your cravings. This will calm and clear your mind, so you can choose words that describe your desires rather than old fears.

Choose your friends wisely, so they reflect your positivity and beliefs. We all have problems, but friends who focus solely on negativity, will drag your energy down. When working with such people put a wall of protective energy around yourself.

Only engage in activities that you believe are right. This is based on your own code of conduct. You feel great about yourself if you do what is right, based on your own moral compass and no one else’s. The angels can help you change any situation to bring your life in alignment with your inner truth. Ask your angels to arrange your life so that you’re fully engaged in actions that reflect your higher self.

Be willing to forgive. Your old anger is attracting similar situations, like a magnet. You need to be willing to allow the angels to help clear away the toxic poison of unforgiveness from your heart and mind. The benefits are increased peace of mind, renewed energy and ability to focus.

Follow your intuition. You are already being guided to what you need. Are you listening to your dreams, insights, books that fall from shelves, and other messages? Pay attention to you body, where are you feeling it? It may be an indication of emotional issues. Keep a diary or journal to keep track of messages for later.

Meditate – tune in to nature or universal energy by learning to meditate. The focus is on bringing in the light. Meditation requires practice daily. Join with others to meditate to increase your energy. Nature is the great purifier transmuting negative energy. Get out in nature as often as possible.
This works!!

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