Creativity for writers, artists, musicians

What excites you the most?
Do you long to get your hands dirty in the pottery clay? Does your body long to move in dance? Do you desire to paint a masterpiece or play a symphony?

Whatever your passion you need to start somewhere. That is where the block is for many people. They offer all the whys and excuses.

I begin by closing my eyes and watching, feeling the breath, as it goes in the nostrils and into the lungs, then reverses and goes out through the nostrils and into the air. Feel the temperature as it enters the nostrils and then goes into the lungs, where it is warmed and the life sustaining oxygen is exchanged in the lungs for carbon dioxide and goes out through the nostrils and into the air.

As you focus deeper on the process of breathing, the cares and distractions fall away, you become clearer and more centered and ready to create. Have your favorite piece of music playing as you focus on your movement, just play with it at first. If you are painting, just experiment with the brush. If you are writing just play with the words, the sound, the different meanings. Jot them down. If you are a musician, just play with the sounds, jot down any riffs you like. How does it feel?

Creativity is the highest form of joy. Use your imagination to juxtaposition different elements, to draw attention to unusual combinations. You can always rearrange things later. Keep a journal, notebooks – its amazing what you can use later. I’ve kept diaries most of my life, I even have a play I wrote as a child in Grandma’s Garden, its about the flower fairies which is how I remember they were very real to me. Its why I now work with flower essences. Our guides and angels have been guiding us all our lives. Acknowledge them, allow them to show you how its done!

The photos illustrate developing a concept based on Aura Soma Colour Essences, into scarves for a U3A choir based on Gold Coast, Qld
This works!!

<a href=""><img alt="" src=""></a>

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