Joy and abundance!

As you move through the month of August, there are in particular two dates to focus on. The first is the 8:8 Gateway of Light, which brings through a deeper re-balancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Archetypes through this diamond Flame of Transcendence, Purity and Innocence. It is a time of integration where you walk this Pathway of Divine Love in your full magnificence and Light, finding your voice, standing steadfast in the Light, wielding power rather than submitting to it, and knowing when to step back in Love and Wisdom, and when to step forward in dynamic right action. The energy that amplifies this is also connected in to the Super Full Moon on August 10th.

This energy I am speaking of occurs at this time of the year. I have been awoken by the stars at this time of year since July 2008 and have written it down. I may have been woken before that but am unaware of it.

I did the meditation from the Pleiadian Light Network which includes sections of Light language, so needs to be heard rather than read. As I understand it, it involves the opening of the Lion’s Gateway, a portal to Sirius which formed part of the Egyptian Rites in earlier times. I have a mp3 copy for those who are drawn to it.

`And we thank you, sweet ones, for your service work, and we look forward to this greater acceleration of Cosmic Consciousness awareness, into the Group I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light.’

The Full Moon in Aquarius, especially as a super moon is the BEST TIME TO BREAK OUT of any ruts that you have been finding yourself in. Whether your relationship has gone flat or your job that you are bored in has. Explore every fantasy that you can, play it out in your head, and then make the moves in your real life to make them happen. There are no limits, you can and you should be as bold and unconventional as possible.

Today the 17th August is another time to experience the August “The energy provided on August 17th will assist those who desire to prepare on a deeper level for the next major gateway in September. It will be focused on pineal activation, meridian alignment, and telepathic communication with your personal guides. It is a passage to learn harmony with the new energies rather than be overrun by them as they intensify.

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