Welcome to the Deep

`Welcome to the Deep” is a exhibition at the Queensland Museum which runs until October. Its quite an ambitious project covering many facets of underwater exploration and they have come up with some interesting presentations.

There are items like the entry tunnel which doubles as a projection surface to show scenes underwater. There are giant squids, both preserved and modelled, many interactives like the one to feel the pressure of the deep which goes to one atmosphere, a childrens’ playarea, many hard-hat helmets of different design, and my favorite the Bathysphere which you can enter and hear a description of William Beebe’s first dive to the deep and a modern version.

Having come from a background in Museum exhibition design, at the Australian Museum, I was impressed by the design and the coverage of current issues like acidification of the oceans and mining and geo-engineering. Thumbs up to the Queensland Museum for a great exhibition!

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