Prince George meets the Bilby

The highlight of my Easter was the excitement of my 95 year old mother ringing to say she had seen the Royals pass the end of her street in Mosman to visit the zoo.

Apparently they had seen a police woman arrive and rushed out to see what was happening. The crowds gathered, cars stopped, parking was at a premium, she sat on a pot plant and waited. Soon along came the police bikes, the cavalcade of cars, with the flags waving and the Royals. Prince William was in the front, Princess Kate in the back, presumably with George.

They Waved, the crowd cheered and they went on their way to Taronga Park Zoo. Someone said they’d arrived at the zoo so everyone went in to watch it on TV (Channel 7).

Imagine the joy they brought to so many people, if that was the excitement and interest, they brought to my mother. She of course rang me and her excitement spread interstate. I was then watching as they wandered down to the Bilby enclosure, and introduced Prince George to the Bilby. Prince George’s legs and hands were going hell for leather – he wanted to meet that Bilby.

When they gave him a toy bilby, he thew it away, he wanted the real thing! It was heart warming. A great boost for SAVE THE BILBY and conservation. Congratulations, Taronga Park Zoo and Prince George for having your very own Bilby.

The Bilby in recent years has been seen as a replacement for the Easter Bunny. What better timing than to have Prince George meet the Easter Bilby on Easter Sunday.

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  1. Prince George meets the Bilby – christinedeacon2

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