In Search of the Divine Feminine Within

Divine Mother

Not only does the Divine Mother have the ability to embody if and when she wishes. But she is the core of every Avatar (Divine Incarnation) who has ever incarnated. An Avatar is like a Babushka doll: on the exterior is the human vessel; inside that, so to speak, are the higher-dimensional beings who step down the energy of the Divine Mother; and then inside that is the Divine Mother’s energy itself. Anything that moves is a manifestation of the Divine Mother.  Anything that is absolutely and perfectly still … well, of that no one can speak.

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, angels and archangels, beloved brothers and sisters of the stars, ascended masters, saints, Council of Love, we come together today as sisters and as one team, as one circle, as one family of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. We offer ourselves, not only as New You but as the wayshowers and anchors for the Mother’s Tsunami, for the title wave of change, of opening, of new beginnings, and shift in the collective of humanity. 

We stand here or sit here on behalf of billions, literally, and we ask for your presence, for your guidance, for your protection, for your love and light and the full infusion of the Mother’s clarity and purity and love. We release, with the biggest whoosh ever, our intentions, our actions, our prayers, and our prayer for unity to the collective, to humanity, to the planet.

Please guide us, each one of us and as a circle, forward in this sacred undertaking. Please sustain us, grant us patience and stamina, laughter and play, fortitude and endurance, compassion, attraction and understanding. We stand here, we sit here, as the servants of the Mother and we ask for your blessings, for each one of us and for all.

Let this communiqué go forth and touch and open the hearts of everyone. Amen.

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  1. In Search of the Divine Feminine Within – christinedeacon2

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