Tamborine Tree Vandals 3

What to do now?
I thought about selling up. That’s one option. I don’t think I’ll give them the satisfaction of driving me out. I’d rather stick it to them.

I’ve decided to go away for a while to Bundaberg to visit a friend who was flooded out and lost everything last year in ex-tropical cyclone Oswald. That’s an option, I’m definitely taking.

I’ve brought some Tiger Grass, a quick growing screening plant with an Asian look and some bamboo style screening, that’s another option I’m definitely taking. I’ve put up some Prayer Flags as protection.

Nothing compares with what was there. There is nothing that I can plant to replace 10 fully mature trees as landing sites for birds, cockatoos, catbirds and kookaburras. I have a few small pines in a pot, maybe I’ll plant them, a mix of native pines and other pines is another option.

I’ve thought about starting a campaign to make it compulsory to get permission before chopping down any trees over 30 cm diameter. I thought this was already so. If so, why did the Councillor Nadia O’Carroll say there was nothing I can do.

I’m being told by my guidance, these mature trees being chopped down has got to change. Whether they’re native trees or introduced, they are valuable as carbon transmuters and must be protected.

2 thoughts on “Tamborine Tree Vandals 3

  1. Hi Chris I can feel your anger and sorrow in your words It is such a tough one. It is so great to feel so strongly about something. Go away, detach,become detached not in an un feeling or un caring way.No not at all. But detach all your emotions from it. Going away helps with that. Life is a strange thing. Letting go sometimes can be a wonderful thing . You get more space around yourself to see what you want to do next. So Bunderberg sounds good

    We are now in kalgoorlie waiting for a spare part for our camper. Had a tour of one of the last remaining brothels here today From temps in the high 30 it has plummeting to 19 degrees and a bit of rain

    Surprising life as always Smiles Barbara

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  2. Tamborine Tree Vandals 3 – christinedeacon2

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