Tamborine Tree Vandals 2

The trees are all gone now. They were the reason I brought this place in 1996. They were the reason I built the gazibo for meditation. They were the rationale for being here.These newcomers next door have destroyed everything, no consideration, no consultation. Tree loppers just turned up at 7.30 and began cutting down trees. They removed a Eucalypt earlier when I was away in Sydney. I listened to the wind whispering through them the night before last, for the last time. I thought some would remain near my gazibo, but no, they took them all. Pine trees are the closest tree to our own energy, no wonder I’m feeling so low.

Just because they are not native doesn’t mean they have no value. To me they were priceless. My whole world has been destroyed and I’ve had no say at all in the decision. How can that be. Scenic Rim Shire Council has no tree preservation order, no need to get a permit for very large trees that provide the scenic value of an area, no fines or compensation. Can I sue them? the Council? the owners? the tree loppers? I see the trees as vertical real estate for birds. The black cockatoos and white ones have nowhere to land now.

This morning I look out my bedroom window and see two enormous gums I couldn’t see before. I saw a shooting star last night where the pine trees used to be, so it opened up a different vista and I began to feel a little better about it. I’ve become too insular, I know, I loved my home and felt safe, now I can’t bear to be there. I had to go to my daughter’s place to get away from it, the noise of the chainsaws and shredder was too much. I guess its time for me to move on. When I travelled around Australia, I could move on every day if I didn’t like something. Maybe its time to hit the road again,

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