Up, up and away – Ascension

Some of us, in tune with our Higher Selves may have had dreams of a new Golden Age. Others exposed to channelling, may have heard of Ascension, those following a religious path, may have heard of Christ’s ascension. Most would not have believed it could happen to themselves, but that is what we are being told is about to occur. So what does Ascension mean to you?

It means we are going to a higher frequency, we will be moving into a state where miracles are possible, we will be able to see things also vibrating a higher frequency such as angels, fairies, nature spirits etc. What has been myth will be shown to be true to the majority of people instead of just a few.

There are physical changes going on to our bodies to cope with these higher frequencies. Some people are adjusting faster than others. For example we are going from 2 strand to 12 strand DNA, which involves a rearrangement of how our DNA joins with other parts of our DNA. This has significant effects. We are all going through this process, whether we are conscious of it or not. Ride the wave, go with it, do not try to fight against it.

It is coming from the sun, solar flares and coronal emissions are affecting earth in ways we haven’t dreamed of. The important thing is to make the decision: I am going to ascend with Mother Earth. Then use it as an affirmation. There is help available once the decision has been made. Go within in meditation and ask for it.

We are on a path which has long been predicted by ancient peoples, the Mayans, the American Indians, and others which is taking us on an evolutionary path to greater things. There are many spiritual beings who are with us at this time. As we evolve so do they. They have made a number of dispensations available to assist us at this time. I’d like to mention one of them, which I’ve experienced myself. Its the Mahatma energy which was anchored on earth in 1988.

This technique asks that you call forth from the Mahatma and your own mighty I Am Presence for a widening of your rainbow bridge on a personal and a cosmic level, so a greater God-current can flow into your field. Again you need to affirm this on a regular basis.

Another thing which you need to do is reverse the death hormone in the pituitary gland. Thank the pituitary for producing a death hormone in the past and request that you now choose to rejuvenate this body.

I lovingly command you to cease now to produce the death hormone and begin to produce a life hormone.
Envision the stopping of the death hormone and feel the life hormone begin to flood your body enlivening every gland and organ. Part of the ascension process is that we will rejuvenate this body and take it with us. We can then move into the Higher dimensions in our bodies. You can choose the age you wish in your light body as you accept your oneness with your light body and multidimensional self.

What the 12 strands of DNA when they are connected, will represent is that you can be in many places at many times. You will also have access to what you see as past lives. As you hold these Higher frequencies you broadcast them out to others like a radio.

If you are wondering why our world seems to be falling apart, it’s because it is – everything has to change for the new program to come in and before it can change the old has to go.

For more information on the ascension process effects you might be experiencing:

Recommended reading: New Cells, New Bodies, New Life by Virginia Essene

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