Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven


I’ve just read this book which I found because I got a charge of energy when I picked it up and knew I just had to buy it.

I read it straight away and what I like about it, it relates to my own experience of intuitive guidance. It made me realise I’ve been doing this all my life.

`An intuitive thought is usually not something that we are focusing on consciously. It has nothing to do with our logical, sequential, day-to-day kind of thinking. Instead it comes from an entirely different place, like a creative idea that pops into your head that’s going to help make life easier, tip you off about something, or help prevent a problem for you or for someone else, it’s what I call a “God thought,” because it is coming from the highest level of goodness, love and wisdom.

If you pay attention to your thoughts, I believe you’ll be surprised how often the universe is tipping you off in different areas of your life. In the second part of this book you’ll read many examples of how my students and clients – average everyday people – have paid attention to their own intuitive thoughts and saved themselves from danger, helped their businesses, deepened their relationships, and much more.’

I remembered I did a reading for someone in a psychic development group where I picked up a little dog jumping around her feet. I didn’t know what that meant but when I told her, she said she had to give away her dog that morning, as she was moving into a place where she couldn’t have pets.

Now I’ve been getting messages that I’m to do mediumship. I’m wondering how this is going to happen. It seems as if I get messages but am unable to affect change in outcomes. For example I remember getting a message about a young female diver. That she wpuld not be here to persue her agenda at the next meeting of a diving retailers group. She and her brother drowned in a SA cave on a diving trip. Of course I wish I’d passed on the message. But the message for me and for you, is to PAY ATTENTION.

The book is published by Allen & Unwin 2006 under the imprint Inspired Living

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  1. Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven – christinedeacon2

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