Reprogramming the DNA

Clearing obstacles!

Clearing obstacles!

It is most important now, that when your own life starts falling apart (or has already done so in the last few years, as most Lightworkers have been through an initiation to raise their consciousness and purify their souls for this work), and that of your family, and social structure, is to ask for clearing of personal and family karma. This is mainly because, in order to incarnate onto this planet you had to chose your family.
However, within your Family DNA, certain patterns of behaviour have been programmed in. your task is to consciously break those patterns, or in other words, clear those karmic patterns, so that, with the changing DNA, those patterns can be released and reprogrammed!

This is very good news to me because in my family there is a history of diabetes and my own condition is cause for alarm. My father and both my brothers and I, all have diabetes, developed later in life and progressively getting worse despite conventional medical wisdom and treatment.

The best way to do this is to, in meditation, ask to see the lords of karma. you will be introduced to them. then consciously ask them for the clearing of personal and family karma.
They will ask you to specify what it is you wished to have cleared. You may then ask for clearance one thing at a time. For example: – within your family there might be a tendency for suicide. Then ask for that pattern to be cleared and released.
You may have to do this once a month for some months, as this is a ongoing process, more and more karmic patterns will start emerging. You might not even be aware that they are there, We have to shift from the mass consciousness of destruction into the mass consciousness of oneness and thus life enhancing and life building consciousness which at its core operates and vibrates at the higher frequencies of the love vibration.
How do we do this? To shift the consciousness of the whole, we need only change one-quarter of the mass consciousness!
So, if one-quarter of the world’s population start to consciously adopt new patterns and start to vibrate at higher frequencies then the mass consciousness changes!
This is because, when Lady Gaia, in a dispensation to the Divine Source, asked to be assisted, as she is slowly dying, they agreed to assist, and to send in a mass of light workers and volunteer souls to assist, who would anchor in the higher cosmic rays and hold the light steady so that this shift in consciousness could occur! …
This is the time of the greatest clearing in history of mankind and one of the reasons why you chose to be here at this time. your soul knows this, and that is why you are reading this.
This message has been given to me, directly from the Divine Director, Lord Rekovsky, who was the teacher of St. Germain. He is in charge of the Lords of Karma for this planet and thus is working closely with all of us, at this time.
Our DNA has to be cleared, so that the next generations, will be freed from the repeating patterns, and can truly anchor in the New Golden Age. (Judith Kusel, “DNA – Clearing of Karmic Family Residue,” at /dna-clearing-of-karmic-family-residue/.)
It is the light within a body that transforms its carbon-based cellular structure into the crystalline form that enables the body to live in the high vibrations of energy planes beyond third density. In antiquity, strong civilizations with darkness at the core deliberately altered the DNA of weaker civilizations to reduce its people’s capacity for intelligence and spiritual awareness. That affected their bodies as well – crystalline cells degraded into the carbon structure that can be, and was, programmed with vulnerability to all forms of illness and a much shorter life span than in eras long, long ago in your concept of time.
The infusion of light that enabled Earth to survive death throes some seventy years ago is restoring the “stolen” DNA in light-receptive individuals, and not everyone is. A body without any light except the spark that is its life force cannot live in the vibrations prevailing on Earth – it will die from any one of the reasons that death has long come to Earth’s residents, and some influential individuals you see in TV film clips are clones of the persons who have died. Bodies with a small degree of light beyond the spark can last a bit longer, but they too will give out as vibrations become increasingly more powerful the closer Earth approaches fourth density’s doorstep. (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 4, 2012.)
But, it was never intended that the function of the 3rd dimension be the density that is appearing today…that has been the false belief systems of human that have been built until they have assumed form and function.
But it is not a matter of escaping the 3rd dimension; that is not the plan. It is about letting those old paradigms dissolve, letting them destroy themselves, implode, and the collective saying “no, that is not what we believe or choose any longer.”
And it is in that collective reality that the potential, the tipping point, for the jump to something different occurs. So it isn’t the 3rd dimension is so terrible that we have to leave and go; no, it is that these experiences and lessons in the density have been released and therefore we are free to go.
The higher light of the Galactic Center is creating a great awakening by activating your 97% Multidimensional DNA. With these DNA patterns finally active, you are remembering that which has been forgotten for millennia and returning to your true, Signature Frequency. Your crystalline-based Lightbody carries this Signature Frequency as your “name.”
Your Signature Frequency is the collective harmonic of your Multidimensional DNA tones. Because this DNA exists dimensionally, as well as biologically, it connects you to the many frequencies of light and sound in which your Multidimensional SELF exists.
All of your expressions are unified into the Signature Frequency that serves as your name. The infinite frequencies of light and sound, which are united in the fifth dimension and beyond, connect you to the Universal Harmonic Signature of your local universe.
We wish to tell you that the Universal Harmonic Signature embraces the Signature Frequency of your life-stream and welcomes you into its great ONENESS. It is the breathing mode of the mind that inhales this multidimensional light and sound and integrates it into your DNA with each exhale. (Suzanne Carroll, “Harmonic Signature Frequency,” March 18, 2012, at
Now you that are already in physical form are having to deal with your rapidly morphing DNA and beyond that, adjust to the actual laws of nature that are changing right under your feet. You will feel like the carpet has been ripped out from under your feet.

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