Images in the skies

When I was travelling around Australia, I’d see images in the sky of how I thought the land should be, they were coasts, with seas and headlands and rivers and mountains like fractal images. It seemed often to be in desert regions, where these idealised images appeared. On 7th Jan, 2014, the sunset was unusually golden on Tamborine and these images were visible in the skies.

I was reminded of a book called `Celestial Raise,’ which I was guided to on my travels. Its a fascinating book on UFO’s and images from USA with channelled information from various channellers. It was published in 1986 by ASSK Publishing PO Box 35 Mt Shasta.

“The Mother Ships are in their Designated Areas”
“But as I have said the countdown has come. We have started on our final. The sector commader, the mother ships in their designated areas, at frequencies attuned to our beloved Commander-in-Chief and his word. As the word goes out your skies shall be filled with hundreds of thousands of ships to assist, to bring ones of earth help during this period. There is time my dear oanes, but it is at a minimal. There is time. I would urge each of you to be strong in these the final hours. As you look about you, take notice of the signs and what is happening.

…I am Monka, a most humble servant of the Radiant One. I am your friend, I am your brother of the galaxy. Good night.”
Received by Tuieta

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  1. Images in the skies – christinedeacon2

  2. Images in the skies

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