Dredge spoil – will it affect the GBR?

When you have a pristine environment and then you dump rubbish on it, of course it will affect the Great Barrier Reef? What do we pay our politicians for? To protect the environment, not to pursue the big money involved in mining. That benefits the few, at the cost of the many. Dredging inside the marine park for the Abbott Point Development should not occur and its now up to the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority to stop it.

The Abbott government has announced dredging will take place subject to conditions Dredging at Abbot Point could take place only between March and June each year to avoid critical times for coral spawning, with a maximum of 1.3 million cubic metres in any one year.

The conditions include offsetting measures to ensure water quality is improved to reduce fine sediments entering the marine park from land-based sources, and similar measures to protect the marine species and their habitats.

The location where the dredged material will be dumped is yet to be determined but Mr Hunt said all dredging around the reef must be either near shore or used for land reclamation. Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has made similiar statements in recent weeks.

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  1. Dredge spoil – will it affect the GBR? – christinedeacon2

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