Tamborine tree vandals strike again

IMG_0794Came home to another strike by the Tamborine tree vandals. A prime piece of avian real estate on my western boundry was removed in my absence. A beautiful gum whose only crime was to be labelled a `widow-maker’, has mysteriously disappeared leaving a gaping hole in the sky and a tangle of branches on my side of the boundry. This is from a neighbour who has been trying to sell the property for years. So she destroys the tree so that others have to suffer the consequences. The tree attracted black cockatoos, white cockatoos and lorikeets, and numerous other species. All because of a `fear’ that its a `widow-maker’. One sure way to attract such a scenario, as I see it.

One thought on “Tamborine tree vandals strike again

  1. I so hate this sort of vandalism. A friend who was renting not far from here nagged her landlady to have a beautiful red gum taken down, so she could hang out her washing and feel safe. A beautiful tree near a very plain house in otherwise bare surroundings! Of course friend has moved on, to eventually buy her own place. And the first thing she did there——–took down gum trees! She’s a spiritual healer, but I have to say I don’t see anything spiritual in this behaviour!


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