Goddess -Towards a feminine spirituality 3

For many women, the idea of a father-God is irrelevant even though they may attend church or synagogue because it is their custom and primary means of maintaining social bonds. Others feel uncomfortable with joining a `witch cult’. Since women’s spirituality was taken over by patriarchy several thousand years ago, what was left for women to discover. To ordinary educated women whose spiritual experience is not being catered for by the traditional churches, what choices are available?

Many women have discovered the capacity to devise beautiful, satisfying ceremonies for personal and group use and with immense creativity have found the courage to to reject patriarchal habits in favour of their own emotional needs. Drawing on the Goddess religions of antiquity, they have developed from their own personal sense of both spiritual and feminine and have self empowered themselves and others. To women rethinking spiritual values, historical patriachy has failed, and we have to try something else.

My own experience has been to turn to meditation and to incorporate toning and chanting as part of the ritual. But a group meeting regularly, can decide to do any ritual and see it as a game with all players co-operating rather than competing. It is very similar to my own style of teaching. Meaning develops out of doing. Thus guiding participants to experience chanting develops certain connections and feelings of peace and harmony in the group.

Women concerned about Gaia, Mother Earth, can love, honour and protect her, through sending energy to her. A sense of holiness within everyday things is part of women’s spirituality in contrast to the patriarchal separation of body and spirit, earth and heaven. Women’s spirituality is inclusive, rather than devisive.

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