Goddess – towards a feminine spirituality 2

Goddess – towards a feminine spirituality.

Firstly I’d like to than Linda Dillon for channelling the Divine Mother on Golden Age of Gaia website. There’s a huge download of the Divine Mother’s energy now until 13th Oct. and we are experiencing this, in various ways. To tune into this Blue Diamond energy, picture a snow cave, emitting blue light from the ice. Sit in the cave surrounded by this energy. I remember going into a glacier on the Jungfrau in Germany. Tunnels had been carved out of the ice and you could walk around inside and see carving in ice, of different cities and animals. This is what we are picturing now as we explore the ice cave.

So take this blue energy into your heart and allow it to permeate your field. When you are ready, hold up your hands and send it out through your hands and out into the world.

The Law of Transmutation means you can change anything to a higher level of expression. So those of you battling with the problems of addiction, the results of addiction in your loved ones, or your own addictions to cigarettes, alcohol drugs, sugar or other toxins can begin to transmute them.

You can send this out into the world and to your loved ones and to the earth Gaia, knowing it will begin the process of Transmutation.


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  1. Goddess – towards a feminine spirituality 2 – christinedeacon2

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