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Love begets love; generosity begets gratitude, begets generosity; joy begets generosity, begets gratitude.
You see, one of the starting points of the density of the old Third Density was this issue of hoarding and greed. I will hoard what I have and I will not share. So it is like having a campfire to cook meat on and not being willing to share an ember with your neighbor. Well, you already have your campfire. Why would you not share? Is it as if someone is stealing your power? That is absurd.
The hoarding is the root [of the old Third Density], because it is fear-based. It is the belief that you are not taken care of. So to hoard, whether it is new wealth — and there are people all over your planet who become, through circumstance or what you believe is luck, instant millionaires. And then in those groupings there are those that become benevolent and generous, and then there are those who choose to maintain the old paradigm and hoard.
What you are doing is setting the new paradigm, and that is that unity is important.

Now, I tell you this because it is very important. Take care of yourself. It is part and parcel of honoring the vessel that you have chosen to inhabit, to ascend in and with, and to continue on as vessels and wayshowers and builders of Nova Gaia. You take care of your family, your friends, your soul family. And I do not mean in a small way. You provide.
And, my friends, I am always telling you to dream big! So, allow those dreams to come forth, but take care of the basics as well — your health, your home, your family — and then share! It is that simple.
Reblogged from Golden Age of Gaia, Archangel Michael 30 Sept, 2013

How I manifested the gazibo to chant and teach
I have been working on LETS, now Community Energy Exchange (CES) for some time since setting up the local LETS with 2 others. I had brought a outdoor gazibo tent with the donation Kevin Rudd gave to pensioners during the global financial crisis. It was starting to show signs of wear and I was focussing on a more permanent structure.
After ex-cyclone Oswald struck in January 2013, with considerable damage, I was able to do some repairs from insurance money.
I kept in mind during meditation an image of a kendo, a Japanese garden teahouse, also used for meditation and to house treasures.
In about May, I had a call from Pedro de Joanelli who had seen my advert for accomodation in a local shop. He had been living in Victoria and had come to Tamborine en route north for the winter, wanting to buy a boat. He had also been to Japan, to I offered him accomodation in exchange for building work. He started on the flat and enclosed the outdoor area, making a laundry and toilet. He then moved into the van and started work on the gazibo. A second builder took the flat, Ron Bouve and he helped Pedro build the roof. I hadn’t anticipated I needed a second person, but he appeared. I wanted a structure supportive of the new energies and decided on a cedar roof. All the timber had to be cut by hand, so it was a bigger job than I anticipated. I realised spirit was definitely planning this. I am currently in some anxiety about where the money is coming from to finish it, especially as more cedar is required. Trust. Well I’m not very good at that, but I’m learning fast. One day at a time. Pedro has been offered a job and a house and we found that boat which he was looking for, on the bottom of the bay, which he’s rescued and recovered. That’s how life is! A dream becomes reality.

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