Divine Mother speaks

Speak the truth. Join with me in wisdom, in love and joy. It is to rebirth joy, it is to be in the integrity, integrated, self of who you are. I have given you my blue diamond essence as a way for physical reality, to understand it. Use it. Light your tri-flame. (6) Use everything at your disposal.

It does not matter which direction you face, whether it is east or west, north or south. I ask each of you to look up and to look within, and to acknowledge not only your divinity, not only mine within you, but the divinity in each and every one of your brothers and sisters. You are my human family. You are all loved. You are all cherished. You are all mine.

Live what you know to be true. Practice, in behavior and action, in prayer and ritual, in meditation, practice what you know to be true, and turn to me. If doubt arises, give it to me. Let me wash away your tears. And, beloved ones, be in gratitude, be in thanksgiving and welcome the help of all beings — your star brothers and sisters, my sweet angels and archangels. You are surrounded by legions who have come to assist. You do not need to do this alone. That is illusion.

Go with my love. And go, sweet angels, in peace. Renew.



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  1. Divine Mother speaks – christinedeacon2

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