Aligning with the new energies!


Well, you’ve faced your rhinocerous, you’ve cleared your stuff, you’re ready to align with the new energies coming in. You’re awake! Where do you start?
Well I’m now ready to help you, I’ve cleared all the backlog of writing work and put it on my blog, so you now have access to it. I’m expecting you’ll put some money into energy exchange by using the donate button which takes you to my Paypal account. The amount doesn’t matter. You’ll get out of it what you put in.
I’ve put a link to Blog talk radio where there’s lots of spiritual insight. I’m giving you a link to listen to which explains the process:

My advice is to learn to meditate, to go out in nature, to listen and learn to raise your frequency. Crystals help, incense, chanting, tai chi, yoga. A world awaits which is exciting, transforming, enlightening. I’ll be publishing the new information to help with the process. So click `FOLLOW’ to get the link to me and follow the latest developments.

If you missed my previous post on Meeting your Rhinocerous, here’s the link

Here’s more information on the New Energies:

<a href=""><img alt="" src=""></a>

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  1. Aligning with the new energies! – christinedeacon2

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