Election news!


Why are we not seeing a candidate who supports the new energies?
We are being told its the time of the feminine energy, yet the female candidate has been ousted by someone who has already had his turn. The only female candidate in sight is the Greens Senator.
Where are the values, we are being told are important: Honesty, Integrity, Hope for the Future, they seem to have disappeared.

The politicians are flying around the country using greenhouse emissions at an all too familiar and alarming rate, there’s no talk of what they are achieving. Just promises that make no sense to me. Only factional groups stand to benefit and at what cost to the rest of us?

I see that single Mum’s have banded together to oppose the government’s reduction of their income with a campaign called: Have a Heart. It seems that disadvantaging the weakest and most vulnerable members of society is suddenly Fair Game. Its clearly male thinking that being a single mother isn’t a job in its own right. Any mother, particularly one who has to support children on her own as I did, knows that its very difficult to work a full time job and be a part- time mother. If you decide to be a full time Mum and a part-time worker, its very difficult to get work and being disdvantaged by government policy doesn’t help. Being a Mum is a job and a demanding one at that. When will the politicians wake up? Maybe when we get more female politicians.

I really think the politicians have lost the plot. How about you?

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