Gemstones Down Under 3 Gold, Silver, Copper

Silver will open up many of your psychic functions; it is in many ways connected to the feminine principle of your polarity; will allow you to explore the idea of intuition and creativity, as it connects into other dimensionalities, and how those other dimensionalities of self can be expressed in your physical realm, in a way that is harmonious to nature.


Gold is that sense, is the opposite polarity in many cases, but also contains the `idea’ of an energy that is as yet untapped in your society; one that represents eternalism and longevity. The energy field of gold itself, can actually be induced, to create a state where you do not age at all. You will recognize that the material of gold does not change, does not age, does not tarnish. Is , in that sense, the same as it always has been. The gold you have now is the gold you have always had. Together, these things blend; Gold, Silver and in ancient times some other materials to aid to create what in Atlantian times was called Aurachalcom.


Aurachalcom was recognized as the pure blending and balancing of the male and the female energy – the gold and the silver energy and all the principles of all the charkas, and the connections to nature and the connections to the intellect.


When blended together will give you a trinary balance that will represent a very strong flow of energy. You are beginning to recognize that once this flow is balanced by those three colours and those three points, you will have created, in essence, the foundations of all transmutation, of all transcendence, and of all transformation, within, without, body mind and spirit. Play with the gold, the silver and the copper together, as a triad, and it will put you in touch with frequencies that will open doorways, to information that will be very electrifying. Play with those three, and recall the days of Atlantis, which you have some familiarity with. The vibration will help you `understand’ the three metals.

With thanks,` Bashar’

When I was travelling around Australia, I could see areas where the gold was still in the ground. It had an aura, like a high energy or sacred site. There must have been many areas like that in the old days. Removing the gold from the ground removed the energy and they became depleted. Of course, we can’t replace it, but we can treasure the areas where it is still so. It puts a whole new emphasis on conservation values for their spiritual aesthetic. I have taken colloidal gold which I made and I found it increased my psychic ability

Kakadu Dreaming
Kakadu Dreaming
By Christine A Deacon

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