Gemstones Down Under 1 Opals


This was the title of a proposed book, I did some research on. It would be a different book now, but I have some interviews which I’d like to share with a wider audience. Opals are Australia’s most famous stone. This is a story about Australia’s most famous boulder opal mine, Hayrick in Queensland. I went there in the 1970’s. It was a mesa in the desert with the mine on eastern side. In the early part of the 1900s it was mined. The opal boulders were 1 metre apart on 3 levels. Some of the boulders were up 50 feet long. One in 10 contained opal.

The longest face of opal was 39 ft long. Most of the boulders had beautiful straight seams that you could split with a chisel. When the boulder was split, the remainder was left in the wall to be seen in the light of a carbide lamp and walking past, one seemed never to come to the end of it. The story goes that an early owner had a fine voice and would hold a note down in the mine, until it vibrated and chunks fell off the walls. I was told this by someone who lived there as a child at the time.

Hayrick is on the Grey Rangle 70 km from Quilpie. It was open cut mined in the 1980’s.It would be worth a fortune if it was still in existence today.

What are the esoteric properties of opal?
Opal can be used to send healing to the earth’s energy grid, repairing depletions and stabilizing it. The energy in the opal fields is high and can be seen with the naked eye. It can bring together those who are meant to work together. On a personal level it regulates insulin. It also strengthens the will to live. It can be used in shamanic work where stealth is required. It brings visions and cosmic consciousness. It picks up thoughts and feelings and amplifies them.

The boulder opal I’ve seen has all been blue/green which allows one to see the world with renewed vision. It also a detoxicant and regenerates the liver.

Kakadu Dreaming
Kakadu Dreaming
By Christine A Deacon

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