Environmental vandalism Tamborine


Here today, gone tomorrow

Here today, gone tomorrow

Tamborine is a  beautiful environment. People come here to visit and some decide to stay attracted by the rainforest, the trees the attractive gardens, the visual amenity of a healthy environment.

Unfortunately often the first thing they do to stamp their mark is to cut down the trees. I’ve just had an example of massive cutting of old growth pine trees. opposite me. The new owner has marked his territory by cutting down trees which are at least 30 years old and there was nothing I could do about it.

It seems that if they are on private property and within 25metres of a house, they can be cut and chipped gone in a day. Its pretty devastating to come out at 7.30 am and find the tree loppers in action. No warning, the visual amenity destroyed in one foul swoop. It seems every tree of any decent size needs protection.

How much carbon transfer would six large pine tees be responsible for reducing our carbon footprint. Landcare are busy planting to reduce our carbon footprint, while the vandals continue to chop down old growth trees. How many seedling trees are needed to replace the mature trees which have just been removed. 1,000 maybe more?

We pay people to retain trees in New Guinea and an Asia, but here on Tamborine, an environmental showcase, we allow them to be removed. I propose that those who read this plant a replacement tree to redress the environment vandalism on Tamborine.

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