National Poetry Month

I thought I’d publish a poem on the web blog to mark National Poetry Month.
So this one is for Mika and is about his father Ben. It also marks the beginning of my interest in fire walking which I wrote about in Kakadu Dreaming.

From Beqa, the Fijian came
To Australia – land of city lights
His island home destroyed by landslide

Beqa – island of firewalkers
He was one of them by rights
Of ancestry of generations
Of firewalkers.
Over the red hot coals
They walk unharmed.

A hankie shrivels when thrown in
A leaf leaps into flame
How do they do it? I ask:
Walk unharmed through fire.

No coconuts, no alcohol, no sleeping with wife,
He says: for two whole weeks.
I must believe its possible!
Those who don’t are burnt, blistered
Destroyed by fire

There are many ways, to mark the rites of passage.

In memory of Ben Tambua who died recentlyFire02

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