Diary of an ebook -9 Not all in the garden is rosy


I’ve had discussion with Anne Razel re doing the production on my next 2 books for $1 more that the price of one. In other words 2 for 1. Since I have a number of books ready to go, that was very tempting.

However I have not seen results from their first effort, on KAKADU DREAMING – no sales figures, nor royalties, nor feedback from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, who have it now for sale. I do however have a number of complaints from an internet search on Google of authors who have been ripped off by Xlibris.com

Despite desperately wanting to get the backlog of books into production, I decided that I needed these issues addressed. Hence I sent a copy of them to Anne Razel, refusing the two for one offer.

Since the books are New Age spiritual books, I did not feel I could ignore the lack of integrity I was seeing in the complaints. Here are a couple of examples:
5:36 PM

Xlibris Corporation, Xlibris Publishing, Penguin Group, Sharon Lauta, AJ Barco Has been withholding royalties payments, underpaying me royalties, telling me they will pay and months and months have gone by with no payments received. Bloomington, Indiana Author: Northern California Questionable Activities: Xlibris Corporation
1:21 PM

xlibris publishing i published in 2010 with them and had no sales i then got a family member to purchase a couple copies as well i purchased one they still said no sales , then i recieved royalties for 49 copies Internet Author: red lake Ontario Book Publishers: xlibris publishing

Xlibris Publishing Xlibris2 BOOK selling everywhere but NOT A ROYALITY IN SIGHT Bloomington, Indiana Author: Los Angeles California Book Publishers: Xlibris Publishing

10:07 PM

Xlibris publishing E-Books royalty of over six months reported on Amazon E-books, but failed to be reported and not paid by Xlibris. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Author: Sacramento California Language:
Xlibris publishing

6:59 PM

Xlibris Corporation xlibris publishing company won’t send my signed contract. i am trying to end my contract but they won’t let me. won’t answer my calls, won’t return my emails. when i get through to them lay hang up or have me on hold for long Bloomington, Indiana Author: norfolk Virginia Questionable Activities: Xlibris Corporation

I can only say, reluctantly I said no to their offer. So now I’m looking for another publisher. Alternatively I can continue publishing this blog with links to my other books: Australia Down Under, Uluru by Arunda, String of Pearls, Killer Whales, Gemstones Down Under, or publish this blog. By the way,
these are available on CD by contacting me at : christinedeacon2@gmail.com

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