Diary of an ebook – 4 Publishers


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Since this was to be my first ebook, I looked for ebook publishers. The first I tried was Lulu.com. Despite a lot of difficulties in getting my books onto the site, I did succeed in offering them for sale. They has an ISBN and and were listed for sale.
I was having trouble downloading them myself, but I thought this was probably my inadequate computing power and server problems, but they were not selling.
I did a design on Lulu which is now offered for sale. I didn’t order one, but I have now after reading this: http://writersweekly.com/the_latest_from_angelahoycom/007040_11172011.html

When I was unhappy with the design and in spite of thinking, I’d like all my books in one place, I tried Blurb.com They had a superior design, I could see that. So I went ahead using Bookify, one of several programs they offered. I was happy initially, when I received copies, but needed to alter one or two typos which had slipped through and some photos they identified as being inadequate.

I altered it on line and reordered more copies. Unfortunately the second lot I ordered, had reverted to
the original draft. This was unsatisfactory and I complained and changed publisher again. I had to pay for the copies plus expensive (over priced) postage and I couldn’t sell them, they were not up to standard. http://forums.blurb.com/forums/5/topics/13515

The third publisher XLibris rang me. I may have made an earlier inquiry. They persuaded me to publish with them because they said the book is always in print as they have it in their bookshop and it can be ordered anytime. Blurb were saying it would go offline if I didn’t keep ordering books. I paid for republishing and ordered the Marketing Package for on-line promotion which would promotion the book on-line, including banner ads and an email campaign. Meanwhile I was still progressing myself through establishing a site to promote it, here on WordPress and following the guidelines I’d read online.
I was progressing slowly, I now had a cover and a printed copy from XLibris, but still no Bookshop entry, only the Blurb.com previous site. Are they affiliated with Blurb? Is that how they got me as a contact.

The next approach from XLibris was to ask me (sell me) on being represented in book fairs coast to coast in USA. They wanted another $1400 to do this. They were feeding me a dream. I had wanted

Australia Down Under

to go on American market when it was published. I almost said yes, but fortunately at that point I looked up XLibris complaints on the internet.

So I told them I wanted to see some results before I spent any more money. After reading that they didn’t pay royalties to quite a few complainants, I realised I couldn’t win. Even if they did fulfill their contract, I probably wouldn’t be paid! I cancelled the last payment I owed. Fortunately I hadn’t organised a launch and ordered books for it. It was to be launched on Australia Day, today. Its raining cats and dogs from an ex Tropical cyclone and we’re about to be cut-off. I do live on a mountain and these things happen from time to time.

I’ve just had a call from my original Xlibris contact and told her that I was wanting some action to fulfill my contract before releasing the final payment. I don’t know why I didn’t say: get nicked! I guess I still hold out hope for this book.

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