Diary of an ebook


Kakadu Dreaming was an idea to publish my first ebook I figured a short book, 24 pages, a photo book to take advantage of the visual aspects of the internet, I had already tried putting 3 titles on Lulu.com and they were not going anywhere. Those poems I wrote in Kakadu back in 1991 when I lived there. They were sitting in a drawer somewhere.

I dug them up. Yes they’ll fit the bill. I selected them. That can go it’s too specific,I’m not sure they are still there.Its not environmental, maybe counter environmental, I’ll reject it.

Lord of Kakadu

He built a kingdom in the grass

In Kakadu  – buffalo were his game

They came in DC3’s to shoot and tame

The top End and he gained fame

In cities far removed from grass and plain.

In a truck they forded streams

And camped until they came

To a spring running through Pandanus palm

And there they decided to remain.

He built a house to protect him from the rains

And as the children came, the house he changed

Until a paradise was claimed from the bush.

Pineapples, pawpaw and plaints of tropical domain

He grew in the black soil plains

Water from beneath the ground

Filled the pool and fed the plants

Buffalo fromAsia e tamed

Killing them for meat, his fame

Spread to other Asian domains.

When the Park was proclaimed

The Lord of Kakadu was restrained

From taking tourists to his old claims

No Land Rights remain for those white men

Who tamed the bush of Kakadu.

Pictures, all filed neatly, slides in sleeves hanging in the old 2 drawer filing cabinet, thousands of them – Kakadu sheets quite a few, select only those that reference the poems What about these!ImageImageImage

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